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Adaptability: The Key to Successful Technology

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The main goal of any successful IT provider is to support and continually adapt to your customer's needs and requirements.

A successful #ITcompany must always be adaptable. Not only is technology changing constantly, but regulations and laws also change. Without continued education, many IT providers rely on outdated information, which affects their methodology. Galleon understands this, which is why we continually educate our team on the latest tech.

“Being adaptable to any curve balls thrown our way has kept us ahead of the game." Amanda Ware, Co-founder & CFO

Everyone uses #technology on a day-to-day basis. Whether you test lab samples or send out invoices, most people use technology because of their job. Every industry has different needs, and it is the job of the IT provider to adapt to those needs. Adaptability is about keeping your hardware and tools up to date and the #IT providers themselves. If your IT provider is unwilling to adapt to your organization’s technology needs, they are not doing their job correctly.


'Upgraded' Hardware Doesn't Mean Brand New

However, upgrading hardware does not mean buying the top-of-the-line computer gear available in today's market. Out-dated hardware and applications are often the most obvious culprits of IT environments that have not adapted. This can cause things like

We have encountered situations where organizations still use #Windows XP, which is now obsolete, to operate daily business functions. The FBI has advised not to use either Windows XP or Windows 7 due to security vulnerabilities. The same risks apply to Windows Server 2016 and older. This is just one example of how relying on outdated applications or operating systems can affect your bottom line.


How Galleon Stays Adaptable

"You never really learn all there is to know about technology because it is a constantly evolving science." Brendan Jernigan, Incident Manager

There are many ways we are continuing to stay at the forefront of our industry. Our passionate technologists continually educate themselves on changes and current events in the tech world. Additionally, our team is dedicated to monitoring and supporting our customer's IT. Utilizing what should be standard processes like regular firmware updates and patch management keeps our customer's IT secure and reliable. This ensures their technology is always working for and not against them. If you're interested in learning more about how your company can upgrade its technology, Contact Galleon Virtual Services today.

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