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IT Governance

Ensure your clinic or organization is meeting Compliance regulations

it compliance

Why IT Governance?

Why pay extra for compliance when it should be a service included with your IT? From HIPAA to PCI, Galleon's experienced consulting team understands that compliance is more than simply HIPAA. Are you tired of being left in the dark about your business's security? The key to a successful compliance program is technical integration. Without a core understanding of your IT environment, how can any consulting firm know what your business needs to be secure? Galleon Virtual Services takes care of each step, from consulting, deploying, and managing your IT environment.

What Our Clients Say

“Brendan is great! The entire team does superb work. They are very timely in their responses.”

Dr. Kamique Johnson

Increase Your Patient Data Security

Compliance issues are something no practice wants to be challenged with. Being told you can be criminally liable for mistakes made by someone you thought you had outsourced responsibilities can sting. The laws are clear and covered entities are often left holding the bag. Like many things, compliance and IT can be managed using evidence-based practices for a more predictable outcome. It is much more affordable today to maintain a reliable and compliant IT solution than ten years ago. It is important to note that there are no “cloud silver bullets” to meet all the technical and physical safeguards. A practice will need local firewalls and network equipment at the bare minimum. On-prem resources should work with cloud-based resources to create a unified security standard. This and workstation configurations should be used to maintain regulatory compliance. Ask for regular reporting; you do not need to be a technologist to see if the qty of computers in a report matches what you have on your assets.

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