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IT Resilience: Handling the Unexpected

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Anticipating IT disasters is critical in minimizing any effect and keeping business operations running smoothly.

Nobody ever wants to deal with a disaster. It’s why we plan to try and avoid it, but if you’re unprepared, the unavoidable can happen and leave businesses reeling. That is why a solid disaster recovery plan is crucial because it can be the difference between losing everything or smoothly transitioning to the backup systems. Many companies rely on their #technology for daily functions, so if that gets destroyed, what do you do?

“No matter which perspective you subscribe to, the need for the leader to have a process to prepare the organization for disaster is unquestionable.” -Varun Vuppala, Researcher.

The key to a successful #IT resilience strategy is to be prepared beforehand, be proactive in the event, and have a plan. Preparing before an event happens through processes like tested, verifiable backups can ensure your organization retains its #data. When an event does occur, being proactive is critical to getting back to normal operations as soon as possible. Planning and being proactive ensures your company has a strategy to fall back on.


Building From The Ground Up

One of Galleon’s long-time clients, a national laboratory, became a victim of flooding. Their entire central lab had water knee-high, destroying all their critical IT #infrastructure. A pipe burst directly above their server rack, drowning all the network equipment. Galleon Virtual Services was tasked with this problem during the winter freeze of 2021. Our team acted fast, heading straight to the main laboratory and beginning the recovery process as soon as we learned of the damage.

The first step was getting their business back online. Physical desk #phones were mostly destroyed, so first, we got them set up on #VoIP softphones that work with their devices so they can make and receive phone calls. Then, with some cabling and new network deployment, our team was able to get them back into production in their temporary space within days of the initial event. Once they could continue operations, we managed and supported their IT while beginning a total rebuild project of two new offices.

Our system engineers worked over the next several weeks to design, install, and deploy a new cloud-based file server, active directory environment, two brand-new cable plants, and #networks, and purchase and install all-new #hardware that we still manage and support today. This is just one example of why having an IT provider that can work quickly and effectively during a disaster is so important. Although no one ever anticipates disaster, it is always good to find the silver lining. Galleon could keep its client running through a tragic catastrophe while creating two new spaces and upgrading the old technology.

Providing More Than IT

“At Galleon, we believe that to be a successful IT provider, you need to bring more to the table than IT services. People want an IT provider they can trust, even during the most stressful times.” Doug Ware, Co-founder & CEO

A reliable IT resilience plan can be the key to retaining a business against disaster. Our team at Galleon is dedicated to supporting businesses through whatever technical challenges they might encounter. If you have a technical emergency or are interested in learning about our services, Contact Galleon Virtual Services today.

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